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got some stuff done today

wow i am proud of myself i actually got up early and was able to do some things around the house like i said i would do. i didnt sleep real well though. something kept waking me up. and i have been having a lot of problems with my back lately. i wake up really stiff and in major pain, it goes away after a few hours but damn it hurts.
well its storming out so i am going to have a lot of fun driving to work. its scary driving in storms when you are alone. well atleast to me.
i have to close tonight kinda sucks cause i will miss dinner. oh well not really having much of an appetite today anyway. i dont know why though. stomach is just not real good right now.
i am going to schedule next thursday off work so me and mom can go to the clinic. im glad we have a free clinic i cant handle no more bills going to collections. i cant pay the bills that i have now. i dont make that much money.
i have thought about going to burger king and applying again. i know i could get my hours there and i would make more money that would be better. i want to talk to mom about it first though. i am tired of switching jobs but i am also tired of barely making any money and working my ass off. i deserve more. i have been working since i was 12.
i am off to work now. gotta leave early so i can get there on time. im so scared i dont want to drive in this shit.
cant wait til i get home tonight and can relax.
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