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today was ok we were busy at work but not as bad as yesterday me and jessica got the store very clean today. i had her scrubbing everything and anything she could see. anyways my boss was happy when she came in. so thats a good thing. i have to be at work to open tomorrow and get trained. and friday i think will have to open by myself kinda scary if you ask me. im so afraid i will forget to do something or mess something up.

we had biscuits and gravy for dinner they we really good. i wanted more but it was all gone. i made scrambled eggs to go with it. anyways everyone liked it.

gus is freaked out cause he says he doesnt know what to do about us he says he wants to get close to me but he feels he cant. i dont know what to say. i try to of course people may think i dont try. i cant help being like this. i am afraid. im afraid of getting close and having something bad happen again. i am so scared i cant even begin to explain. he said he got so upset about it today he got sick. i asked him all day long what was wrong and he said he didnt know. i finally got it out of him tonight though. and once again i told him im not a psychic and if he needs to talk to me then he needs to say something or even write an email.

anyways other then finding out what was wrong with my boyfriend my day was fine. im not all that tired cause i got a lot of sleep last night.

im off to bed now. so i can get up on time for work tomorrow.

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