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im sorry for everything

I messed up. I have been depressed for a while and its just been getting worse and worse. I know it wouldnt have if I would have talked to someone about what has been going through my head. I dont know exactly what i did but my mom is mad at me. I didnt mean for her to feel bad. I wish i could take it back. I just decided since I was depressed i would go in my room. probably a bad idea. i know i get worse when i am alone. I want to talk to my mom about this but im not so sure she wants to talk to me. I want to tell her what is going on and how i am feeling. but i cant talk to her in front of others.
gus said this whole three weeks has been krap for him. maybe i should stay single. i feel like i am a horrible girlfriend. i dont mean to be. im just having a hard time with it thats all. i love him i do i just dont know what to do. im afraid of getting close im afraid of letting him know everything about me. im afraid of it all.
Am I messing everything up? I just hope everything gets better soon. I hope i can talk to my mom and make everything right. I hope she will forgive me for the way i have been
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