annaangel (preciousann) wrote,

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hope i can sleep

well its 5 am and i have to be at work at 4 this afternoon i should have gone to sleep a while ago since i didnt sleep much yesterday but oh well i didnt want to. i can deal with going to work a little tired. i was having fun tonight. not sure when my next day off is. maybe i will have to work everyday this coming week and get some extra money to help more with things around here. i am supposed to be trained this week to open. wonder if she is still planning on training me. she called me in and wanted me to work 11 to 5 at one of the other stores she owns but i hadnt had any sleep yet when she called so i didnt go. i should have though it would have helped out a little more.
anyways i am going to try to get some sleep. i am really tired so i shouldnt have a problem but you never know.

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