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Breanna's Journey
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Thursday, February 10th, 2005

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bad mood today
today was crazy we had all the party subs to make and i had to deliver one and it was nuts. my boss sent me to the wrong place and the manager didnt even know what groups of people were there it was stupid. i was really getting mad. finally get back to work and my boss left and we were busy for lunch. i tried to help clean up and then it was time to go
i am going on day three with a migraine i think i have a pinched nerve in my neck i think thats the main reason why i am in such a bad mood.
gus has been acting weird lately. i dont know whats going on with him exept he is upset about his family. took me forever to get that out of him. i asked him three times if something was wrong and then i caught him crying in his room. i asked him again and he said dont worry about it, its not about us. somehow i think he is having a problem with us and he just wont say. i dont know though.
he kinda scared me tonight. i saw him get mad and it really scared me plus he told me next time lawrence hit him he would knock him out. i understand he doesnt want lawrence to hit him but why dont he just tell him to quit? i dont understand. i just hope he doesnt start to get mean. this realy is scaring me.
i dont want to be afraid and maybe i shouldnt be but i am. hopefully he is just having a bad day and it will pass.
i cant wait til friday we are gonna go to cicis pizza buffet maybe we can go walking around some stores after to walk off some of the food i will need to. last time we went to lowes after we ate and i looked 8 months pregnant i hope that dont happen again. i know it probably will though.
john came over he said he wanted to talk about the money he owes mom but he wouldnt come in cause he is to fucking lazy to take his shoes off. he said he would call to talk to her about it but he never did go figure. no surprise there. hes a jerk i hope he just goes away and leaves us alone.
anyways good night

Current Mood: pissed off

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