February 9th, 2005


well today went kinda rough. samantha and dejares were total assholes they both had attitudes all day long. i have had a headache since i got up this morning i wish it would go away but it just keeps getting worse. i took a muscle relaxer at work today and i am still wide awake. it didnt help me at all, maybe what they gave me wasnt a muscle relaxer maybe it was something else. some little purple pill. made me shakey and everything was blurry for a while. felt kinda cool. but it still didnt help my headache. wish it would have helped.
wanting to go on a diet again. but not sure how that will go, everyone says i dont need to go on a diet. billy wants to gain weight. wish they was my problem. but i can gain weight like krazy and i have hard time losing it. i wish it was as easy as gaining weight that would be nice.
i have to work everyday but sunday this week. i am exhausted right now im sure ill be tired by the end of the week. i should be sleeping but i have been so into the computer its not funny. been working on my group and checking emails and writing emails and talking on messanger.
billy might come work with me at subway. i hope he can then we wont have to worry about him getting a job and he can start helping out. that will be cool. maybe we will all be able to save up money easier after he starts working.
i hope gus finds a job soon too. especially if we are talking about having a baby he needs to be working. im excited about having a baby and i know my mom will be excited when i get pregnant. she wants a grandbaby.
i guess i should go to sleep
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