January 19th, 2005

IM TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!

i am tired but i dont want to go to sleep. i want to stay up. i hate when i am tired but wide awake. i wish i didnt have to be at work until 12 tomorrow. instead i have to be there at 11 then i think my boss gave me thursday off so i could get some rest so i can get up and be at work at 9 am. i know i will be tired that day. but at least i get home at 3 and then get the weekend off. yayyyyy i can drink all weekend. maybe i will find some money to get enough alcohol for this weekend.
anyways i should try to get some sleep. i dont want to be tired at work tomorrow. i hate when i am tired and have to work. i dont feel like doing anything. i just want to lay on the floor and go to sleep. cant do that though. wonder if i will end up working at the cayce store this week too. i never know where i am going to work. im so confused. i get scheduled for one store then my boss calls me and tells me to go somewhere else.
oh well atleast i am starting to get more hours
good night
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