February 25th, 2004

work stinks

i was sexually harrassed by one of the managers at work today. i wish guys would just leave me alone. i dont want to go through all the police report and talking to the cops and possibly going to court. i just dont want the hassle. why cant i just go to work and have a good day and come home and be happy. instead i am so frustrated when i come home i have to talk about it or it will bother me all night long. and i am sure no one at home wants to hear me complain everyday about work.
i dyed my hair today its burgundy. i like it its my color. i used to be blonde but i changed it. after a while it got boring. so i had to change it. i ended up liking this color to much to get rid of it.
i guess i slept pretty good last night. my mom i know had to wake me up once the day before. i have to work tomorrow and then hopefully i get a day off. yayyyyyy!!!!! anyways i guess thats all for now.


had a bad nightmare that i was watching my sister and i started to fall asleep when i woke up i found her dead. everyone in my family hated me before but in the dream when this happened you can imagine how much they really hated me. i woke up crying and flipping out. no one was awake so i am all by myself. i hate nightmares. they get on my nerves. anyways thats all i wanted to say.