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what a wonderful day i had. yesterday was mine and my girlfriend pattys one year anniversary. i am so happy. i have never been this happy. we got each other flowers and cards and i got her a balloon and a coffee maker thing she wanted lol. i made us a big dinner and we watched a movie. it was in all a wonderful day. one of the best days of my life. right next to the day one year and one day ago when i got off that grey hound bus and walked into the bus station only to have patty running into my arms. :) that made me feel so good and made me so happy and thats all she has done for the last year is make me happier and happier and happier.
my poor baby last night when to sleep not feeling well and i am hoping that when she wakes up she will feel much better. i hate when she is not feeling well. today if i have the money i am going to get her something at the store. but if i cant get it then i will wait til my next check.
another thing we are doing for our anniversary next week is going to go see the new harry potter movie. i cant wait. i love those movies and so does patty its something she wanted to do so we are going to do it.
hopefully i will have enough money for everything because i dont get a check next week because of my accident i got into last wednesday. i wrecked a moped cause i had two dogs chasing me and i almost hit a truck. it was scary. but i have whiplash and a concussion from it and a lot of bruises and bumps. having a hard time with work too cause my back and legs are messed up. i tried to go back to work the other day and only made it 2 and a half hours and the room just started spinning on me.
i got a picture of my sister yesterday on my phone. i cant believe how much she has grown up. i feel like i have missed years and years of her life. i hate being away from her. but i know i have to live my life and be happy too. michigan just wasnt making me happy. i love my family up there and i wouldnt give them up for the world. but i love north carolina and i absolutely LOVE patty. i would do anything for her. she is my everything. my life. everything i have ever dreamed of in a relationship. she keeps me going and makes me want to live from day to day. i still have my depression but i havent had the thoughts of dying in a year now. i waited so long for patty to come back to me because i was stupid and left the first time. god i love this woman. i really never thought i would get a second chance to show her how much i truely love her but i was wrong and here we are together and happy and i wouldnt give that up for anything. i want to grow old with patty and take care of her and make sure she gets what she wants and what she needs. one day i want to marry her. i want to put that ring on her finger and say i do. she is so beautiful to me. i hate when i go to work because she is not with me. i hate being away from her. i love her so much i just want to be with her all the time. i dont care if people say its not healthy to be around someone ALL the time that is what i did with her for the first year almost and now i have to work and i am away and i hate being away it kills me i miss her so much when i am not home. i just want to wrap my arms around her and never let go.
just makes me wish i could put her in my pocket and take her where ever i go.
anyways patty i am 100% in love with you. you mean everything to me. you are what keeps me going every day. without you i would be lost. i was before you got in touch with me a little over a year ago. i was very lost and very confused. i did everything the years we were apart to find someone atleast a little bit like you but i never found anyone. you are too beautiful and too smart and too loving. i will never find that in someone else. you make me feel needed and wanted and loved. something all the other guys and girls i have been with have never been able to do. when you smile when i walk in the door from work it makes me feel like i am special and that i was missed while i was away. even if it is only for a few hours. i love spending time with you. before we were together i loved being alone. i slept most of my days away and i didnt care cause i had nothing to really look forward too. but now sometimes i hate sleeping cause i never want to miss one moment with you. and i hate being alone. i miss you way too much when we are apart.
please always remember patty that you are my life. you are my world. and without you i would be lost. i never want to lose you again. and i will do anything and everything i can to keep you in my life for as long as i can. i believe you are that one person for me. im just sorry we lost all the years we did because i was being stupid and stubborn. we lost a lot of time together that we could have had growing closer and stronger.
i love you baby. now i have to stop writing because for one i am crying lol. yeah me big baby lol. and two if i keep writing no one will want to read it because it will be too long.
i love you hunny. and so happy we are together.
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