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long day ahead

so today is going to be quite long i have two things going on at the gym and then work all night long. i cant believe i am still awake.
i got out of going to mental health today i have to go tomorrow instead.
last night went ok. glad its over though. some guys car broke down in drive thru so i had to go push it out. i think we are getting use to the schedule cause we actually got to sit down for a little while and relax which was nice.
this weekend is coming fast im getting excited but im nervous too. i havent been to a church in a long time. and i havent seen my friends in like a year and a half now i think.
i met this girl and i really like her. i hope i will get to meet her soon. i know i am not suppose to be with women but it feels right and it is comfortable to me. maybe things will change i dont know but right now i am very confused and i do what feels good and right.
i wrote to one of my old youth leaders yesterday on myspace i hope to hear from her soon. i miss talking to her.
i hope her and the family is doing good. they moved a long time ago and i havent seen them in years now.
anyways i better get to sleep i have to be up in a few hours.
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